First 3 Cultural Shocks on our arrival in Norway

This thingy of African time is really only working in Africa/South Africa…

The first cultural shock we experienced was to run extremely fast when we arrived at the airport in Frankfurt, The lines were long at the Passport check-in, luckily we managed to ask the people if we could skip them all and just go to the front, due to our plane that was leaving in 10 minutes, I never had to run that fast inside a building in my entire life.


The second shock was when we sat in the train from Oslo on our way to Hamar. We were talking as normal as we always do in our trains and busses back home(SA)…then came the train officer and told us to read the sign, guess what was written…”STILLE”…with a drawing of a guy having his finger on his mouth. :)…But being South African, it was just very hard to keep quiet for such a long time, so we waited for him to leave, then we started whispering all the way until we got off. 🙂


The 3rd shock was when i had to pay 165 kroner for a Hamburger…Thinking back home, thats like a full meal at Mohawk spur hey. lol!

(Written by Bruce Veldman)


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