120 kids dancing

Can you imagine 120 kids dancing, marching, being ordered around and playing instruments on a school field, in 25 degrees right under the sun, for five hours, without complaining? That is what we observed this Saturday, when we attended  a rehearsal with the Parys Field Band.

dancing kids

This band is a part of our new work place for the coming year. In the Field Band context this band is doing something quite new, and that is including children living with disabilities. We are here to observe how this is going and try to find some success factors.

After a rehearsal like the one this Saturday it is impossible not to be amazed by the members and their concentration and hard work. It was a long day with few breaks, but they where listening to messages and focusing until the very end. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this in my school bands before. We often say that the students reflect their teacher, so it is also easy to be impressed by the field band tutors and the work they are doing. Obviously they are doing good things to make this band work this well. One of our jobs is to find out what these good things are. We are very exited to get to know the Parys Band even better.


This year is going to be all about health promotion through music, but I also think that health promotion through sunscreen is important for me:

annes feet

Written by Anne Oksfjellelv


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