What is Music and what is Health ?

We had a very strong discussion regarding what music is and what health is. We came to the following conclusions

Music is: Life – Remedy – Communication – Emotions – Joy – Passion – Answers – Sound – Harmonies – Melodies – Therapy – Glede – Sorg – Vakkert – Beautiful – Art – Organized – Language and Rhythms.

Health is: – Longer life – Important – good form – Psychological – Glede mastering – Difficult choice – Self esteem – Diet (kosthold) – Social health – Harmony in your life – Resource – Lyst, glede, energy

It was very difficult to put into words what life was, because we never really think about it at all. So if we understand what Music is and also what life is, then it will be easier for us to combine the two and find ways of how we can use the Music to make our Lives easier, healthier and more in balance with everything around us, meaning less stress and worries and more positivity, even through difficult times.

FBF Values

This week I got the opportunity to talk about something that is very important to us as FBF, our Values, The Music and Health teacher actually finds it very interesting and had me writing it down for her and explaining what each one of them meant. It was truly a privilege to teach this to her and the rest of the class.

Written by Bruce Veldman

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2 Responses to What is Music and what is Health ?

  1. Geko says:

    Music is the language of the soul…

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