One more time, pretty please?

I went to observe the first rehearsal for the Parys band after their guest performance at the national championship this week. Everything was back to normal. Same old teachers, same teaching methods, same children, same weird looks when I try to dance like a local during the dancers group lesson. (yes, I really try. The children need to see that its not scary to enjoy what they are doing. I think that when people see a pale Norwegian who tries to shake his butt like a local, then the possibilities could be endless.)

Tshepo calls the band together for full band practice. What is he going to do now that the band has reached such a huge goal as to perform at the championship? Well, he tells the band to do the whole routine again of course! The band starts to play. Everyone is smiling, having fun, and some even add some extra funky notes and dance moves into the mix. Why is everyone enjoying this so much I wondered? Are they not tired after so many weeks of perfecting this routine? Do they not want to leave the routine behind and start on something new? Then I realize, this isn’t practising, this is a declaration of victory. They are celebrating their achievements by doing what they can do best, the routine. The rehearsal ends way late due to the bands celebration-like version of the routine. But no one cares, they did this together.  One band, one sound. One sound, one band.


Written by Aleksander Braathen

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