We had a visit to “Snoezelen.” Snoezelen is a centre for physically disadvantaged people (People with disabilities). There they have a space with 4 different rooms, The White, Blue, Yellow and Green Room. Each room has special equipment in it. The White room was so beautiful, everything being white, soft smooth sound at the background while we were relaxing on the water bed. The Blue room was very dark, with stars up on the ceiling and also beds to relax. The Yellow room was packed with instruments and we all had a great time in making some crazy sounds in there. But seen here is a picture of all 5 of us South Participants having a great time in the Green room. The Green room was filled with toys, Swings, Punching bag and a pool of balls.


What a great place to just go and relax your mind from the world. It was very educational and amazing to see how people with these many different challenges react in those rooms. They feel free and you can see in their eyes they are happy despite of what challenges they may be facing. What a great place to have been.

Written by Bruce Veldman

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