A happy reunion

I am writing this just after our first meeting of the year with our couleges in the Parys, Vredefort and Viljoenskroon Field Band. It was a happy reunion, as everyone has been at home in their different parts of South Africa. Everyone was smiling, joking and being updated about the last months events. I am now working on our secound (out of four) quarterly report, and I catch myself smiling because of the recent meeting. I am filled with both happiness and gratitude. We are very lucky to get to know so many people from around the country and be included into their work. It has not only been easy to just jump into someones work, start observing them, and expect to be updated and included. It has naturally taken a few months to get into everything and earn some trust, but now we are really starting to feel like a part of the team.

parys blog

The Parys/Vredefort team (exept Ludwe) on a Field Band performance in Kroonstad, October 2013.

Very soon we are going to start our brand new PULSE sessions with the tutors here and we are very exited to see how its going to work. I am very much positive for the new year, especially with this great beginning.

In proper PULSE style, I will end this by wishing everyone a healthy year. J

Written by Anne Oksfjellelv

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