PULSE meeting at Head Office

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The last two days we in PULSE have had a two-day long meeting at the Field Band Foundations Head Office in Johannesburg. Through different brainstorming activities we discussed PULSE’s methods of work and future projects. We had an inspiring and fruitful time with great involvement from all four participants.



Our main methods of work :

–          Linking theory and practice through observing, researching and reading relevant literature about music and health.

–          Collecting case studies from FBF band members and tutors.

–          Initiate and lead “awareness- processes” with the staff in our regions.

–          Have meetings, presentations and workshops to extend and share our knowledge.

We also discussed what we believe are the key concepts related to music and health in the FBF setting. Summed up, we think musical participation as a member in the field band foundation can provide opportunities to work with and experience:

–          Empowerment through taking part, getting responsibilities and leadership.

–          Hope through exploring new roles and getting new opportunities.

–          Meaning in life.

–          Distraction and stress relief.

–          Happiness.

–          Adult support and a “home away from home”.

–          Belongingness.

–          Expressing and regulating emotions.

–          Acceptance and recognition.

–          Mastery

–          Self-belief

–          Identity

–          “Braintrain”, through learning something new, concentrating, focusing, problem solving

–          Breaking down cultural boundaries

We will continue to explore and research these correlations in the FBF setting.

During our two day meeting we also shared and planned new exiting ideas for future workshops and sessions. These ideas will hopefully be brought into life during the coming months.Keep tuned onto the PULSE-blog for more information about these exiting new projects we are planning for the coming period in the Field Band Foundation and PULSE.

Written by Randi Margrethe Mathiasdatter Larsen and Lisa Katrine Svendsen

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    Can’t wait to see.

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