PULSE- Stronger Together


Tbruce with cakehe last weeks have been very exciting for the PULSE project.The five South African PULSE participants have returned fromNorway to join us Norwegians in our work here in South Africa. The weeks started with a South African Braai and an update of all the different experiences we have had the past year in the two countries.

 experiences sandilerandi and owen laughexperiences







After this we had a PULSE presentation of our work and research findings for the Field Band Foundation Head Office.

anne aleksi


The days continued with planning and conducting Music and Health workshops in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

ballelekhealthFirstly we had the pleasure to work with the Tutor Staff in the Kwa Zulu Natal Field bands. We shared
knowledge about how the musical activity could be important for the Field Band members and how the tutors could play a significant role for ensuring the members quality of life. We had one day of discussion and getting to know each other and one day of practical sessions on how one could work on being an inclusive teacher towards different types of members.


Here the PULSE team is struggling to learn a new Dance routine. Luckily Sbu, the KZN dance tutor is patient and has a lot of extra energy to help us through the challenge. At the end of the day we were happy and getting the hang of it ! 🙂


pulse dance class           sbu annestruggeling            dance kzn


We also got the amazing opportunity to observe and see the tutors have two rehearsals with the Kwa Zulu Natal Field Bands. One of the rehearsals was held at a girls-only school. It was amazing to see and hear the girls energy and skills in all the different sections of the band, even the big Tubas was played with brilliance and enthusiasm by the girls. We were all swinging and singing along to the hit: “I Just called to say i Loooove you”

girlsoneuph i just called kzn trumpets


rollespill After these two days with the Kwa Zulu Natal Staff, the nine of us continued to hold workshops at the Field Band Academy. Here we experienced a lot of engaged and skilled students that was very interested in our project. Many of them even expressed their interest in joining the PULSE project in the future. Later the students played out different challenges they could meet as Field Band Tutors through role-play. The challenges could be anything from how to include members with different types of disabilities into the field band or how to help members that are experiencing difficulties in life. Other challenges were how to include different types of minorities and how to encourage girls to play instruments and lead. The role plays were performed amazingly and showed a lot of creativity and good solutions.

At the end of the two days we got the FBA performanceprivilege of being audience to a super FBA performance as a farewell and perfect end to the week. We are grateful for the positive students and staff we met this week and thank them a lot for the opportunity to work with them. Also the PULSE groups have grown during the last weeks. We are now nine participants working together and we have truly gotten to know each other better and become a big PULSE family; PULSE – Stronger Together

Written by Lisa Svendsen

Pictures taken by Aleksander Braathen

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