Sessions in Free State

During the last month we (Team 3 Parys) have started our work with what we call tutor sessions in Free State. This is a continuation of the work that our colleagues Anne Oksfjellelv and Aleksander Braathen started here in 2013. On a weekly basis we meet with the tutor teams in Parys and in Viljoenskroon to reflect upon topics such as teaching methods, leadership, musical arranging and inclusion. The purpose of this is to share knowledge and to extract successful strategies that accommodate for all members in Field Band. We find that the tutors are very creative and thoughtful on these matters, yet we’ve only begun to scratch the surface, and we are looking forward to see what we’ll all learn throughout the course of the sessions. In the longer run we wish that the skills and competence in the Free State inclusive bands could be transmitted to other regions and bands that work with inclusion.

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In the first couple of sessions we have paid extra attention to warm-ups and musical arranging, by making use of the percussion and marimba sections. We have also allocated time to discuss perspectives on music and health in relation to not only the Field Band members, but also the tutors and the surrounding community.

The sessions are a rewarding and fun way to gain more knowledge about music and health, through practical exercises and reflection.

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