Our Musical journey in Hell

For 5 South Africans who were all raised in Christian families this conference was very hard to prepare for, because of the name of the place it was going to be held in ‘Hell’. Hell for us means a place where no one wishes to go to, it’s meant to be hot and associated with punishment for bad behaviour. But our journey was rather surprisingly a fun experience.


(Photo: It was interesting to see young musicians with so much talent and music skills. The conference brought people (youth) from all different parts of Norway.)

The conference was a mutual environment to us, as we are used to teaching 120 youth members in the field band. So our main aim was to showcase what field band does, so we started with some history from our leaders.


(Photo: Nicky Du Plessis (Chief Executive Director of Field Band Foundation) with Silvelin Havnevik (Pulse project manager)

And finished off with music and dance which we used as a tool to stimulate conversations and socialising between members and between us.



Stronger Together!!!

Written by Sindisiwe Ngcobo

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