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As part of our learning process we have been working with Utsiktsbakken brass band. IMG_20150325_100248

The band was formed on 1st October 1987 at Breidablikk school in Lillehammer, a school for children and young people with learning difficulties. The band was through a partnership between parents and the school council. After the school was closed down in 1994, the band had its roots in Lillehammer Kulturskole. The band offered to all who had special educational needs, and who finds joy in music and participation in the band.


The band aims to build social network between musicians, while participation in the band is good training in social behavior. This, together with the confidence built by the experience of mastery of the instrument, is well suited to heighten the individual’s social functioning.

The band currently has 35 musicians ranging in age from 10 to 45 years, and has weekly joint exercises with three instructors, And this year we have also had the opportunity to be part of the musicians and not instructing but learning other methods of teaching and observing reactions from members then seeking how we can use what we are learning in this band back in the Field Band Foundation.

Utsiktsbakken brass band has instructors employed from Lillehammer Kulturskole. Under expert instruction in a good and safe atmosphere, they have built the musical quality laboriously up.

INSTRUCTORS – Director and instructor brass Arild Tjernsli – since its inception in 1987

– Instructor percussion / rhythm: Anne Mette Mauseth – since 1998

– Instructor brass, sheet music responsibility, note following: Lynne Nilsen – since 2002


UBB is a socially driven band, traditionally run through parents’ efforts. It governs the procurement of instruments, uniforms, funding and organization of tours and gigs. UBB is a member of the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF).

It is the relationship that UBB has with NMF that has allowed the Pulse project the opportunity to learn and perform with UBB members but still ensuring that instructions are the responsibility of the hired instructors as consistency is an important element for people living with disabilities. As the Pulse team we have observed how they use colour, animals and body language in teaching to assist the members in reading and understanding the music


From the Pulse team it was a pleasure working with UBB and really we enjoyed the performances we had.

Written by: Sindisiwe Ngcobo

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