Inspiering PULSE workshop in Northern Cape!

How do you define a good role model and is it always possible to be that person? What challenges could prevent you from being one? 

Is it always easy to stop and put up your own boundaries? 

What can you do with your body language to make people trust you? 

Is is always easy to see the difference between a lonely person and a person that wants to be alone?

What does the word well-being mean to you? 

How can a Field Band tutor in the best way include a person living with a disablility into the band? What do you think when you see that a Field Band tutor can be the most important person in a young member’s life?

This and more questions where asked and discussed by the PULSE team and 22 tutors from Northern Cape at a PULSE worskoph this weekend.

IMG_6518If you had the chance to be a fly on the wall during our three days packed with different practical activities, lectures and discussions, you would have seen lot of smiles, thoughtful expressions, laughter and inspirational engagement!

The PULSE team had three different sessions focusing on the following topics:

– inclusion and disabilities

-concert planning and the correlation between music and health

-adult support, role models, attitudes and behaviors. These four topics were introduced through the Gira Lesson Plan – an educational tool made by PULSE for all interested. Watch this movie to get more information: 


P1130121The PULSE team learn and expericence something new everytime we arranges a workshop. In Postmasburg, Northern Cape we really enjoyed the tour we got in our workshop participant´s local environment. We were honored to meet the major in town and one of Field Band´s important cooperation partners – a drug and alcohol awareness organization.

IMG_6416We had a very enjoyable and education weekend! Looking at our participants feedback it seems like they had the same:

” The way the workshop was conducted with the information passed to us and the activities were relevant to us. The group worked hard and you could see that they enjoyed and liked to be involved and be part”.

” I liked the Gira movie because it empowered me to make a difference”.

“The Gira story it motivate you as person. It gives you hope and also show how you can face other challenges in the band and how to make other members to love and to trust you”.

“The session about disabilities learned me how to cope and how to deal with people living with disability”.

“I loved the Gira story because it shows us that children do need things like support of others to feel better”

“The most important thing I found out is that music is all about health!”

“The workshop made me really empowered to work better with children!”

By Hanne Johansen and Siri Thorson

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