PULSE celebrated the Norwegian Constitution with Alexandra Field Band

PULSE went to Alexandra to celebrate the 17th of May with the field band kids. The kids made their own poster with Norwegian flags and slogans about democracy, happiness and equality.

We had a parade in the streets of Alexandra, played and shouted “hipp hipp hurra”, just the way it happens in Norway. The kids ate cinnamon buns and we played traditional 17th of May games, such as sack-race, egg-race and wheelbarrow-race. We had a great time and we think the kids enjoyed our tradition!

This tradition is about freedom, democracy, equality and to scare these important values with the younger generation. Just a week before the celebration, Alexandra and South Africa experienced raids of xenophobia and attacks on immigrant workers, something that makes this day even more important and applicable. (You can read more about these attacks in previous PULSE blogposts).

A small video clip was broadcasted on Norwegian television.

Watch the full movie from our 17th of May celebration:

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