“Musical activities as health promotion” – a new report by PULSE!

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What are the greatest dreams and biggest concerns of young people in South Africa?

What does their everyday life and environment look like?

Can the Field Band Foundation be a platform for youth to develop and to achieve their goals?

Is it possible to transform the outcomes of experiencing difficulties into something other than stress and depression?

What is so unique about music as a tool for development and growth?

How can music change a person?

IMG-20150716-WA0002PULSE has just finished a report that gives some answers to these questions and a thorough status quo of the Field Band Foundation (FBF) members´ psycho-social health and well-being. The report also provides information from several psycho-social theories that are relevant and useful for the PULSE and the FBF´s work and visions. The main theories used are the principles of post-traumatic growth (PTG) and resilience. The report also includes analyses of replies to the survey “Who am I and who am I going to be – a survey about music, health and ambitions” . The survey was conducted by PULSE in 2014/15 and  focuses on how music and leisure activities have an impact on South African youth`s health and personal ambitions.

Use this great opportunity to learn more about South African challenges and strengths, psycho-social health, music theory and about the important work the Field Band Foundation is doing!

Read the Report here!


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