Team players and role models at Field Band Academy

12105944_10156179578520367_1816181940581795155_nField Band Foundation is running a school, Field Band Academy, where they train future tutors in music and teaching. In three weeks 11 ambitious students are graduating from this Academy, after living, learning and playing together since April this year. Some are going back to their region to teach in the field bands, some are moving to a new place. They are all facing new times and new challenges.

The school is situated in part of an old convent, Oakfield Priory, in the countryside outside of Durban. And that’s where PULSE had our first full team workshop last week.

PULSE has been to the Field Band Academy before, last time in May, when the students had just started their education. That was with the old PULSE team, and with a focus on introducing the link between music and health to the students. This workshop was called Team players and role models – How to be stronger together. The focus was on teamwork, what it means to be a good role model, and why this is important when working in a field band.

It was a three-day workshop so we had time to work on the topic from different perspectives, we had activities, discussions, presentations, and we played music and games. And of course, our mascot Gira, was part of the workshop as well! You can read about Gira’s story here on our blog, under the tab “Gira”.

We also challenged the students to find their own solutions on how to solve different “cases” that can happen when you work as a tutor in a field band. They put their heads together in teams and came up with some very good ideas and solutions.

PULSE’s conclusion is that at the Field Band Academy there is a lot of good team players and role models that will do a great job in the Field Band Foundation. And of course, that we are STRONGER TOGETHER!


Here the students are communicating the emotion “stress” without words.

Thank you to all at the Field Band Academy. We wish all the students good luck with everything!

Written by Idun

Photo by Tor Åge Schunemann

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