PULSE in Norway: Awesome Team Toneheim

August 29th the day we arrived in Toneheim Folkehøgskole, it was the students’ 2nd week in school and we were warmly welcomed by the scholars by singing two songs for us and one was from South Africa.

We South Africans in everything that we do, we have a reason for doing it, but we found the Norwegian mountain climbing tradition very odd because they’re just doing it. We got to experience one ‘LONG WALK ON MOUNT BESSEGGEN’, of which we found it very interesting to view what is known as Bontle ba Tlhago (the beauty of nature). Though as challenging as it was with the foggy weather Mongezi and Godfrey managed to finish the walk until the very end, whilst it was not so easy for the ladies Dineo and Stella who made it half way through for the love of nature. The important thing was that we were out of our comfort zones and ROCKED Mount Besseggen.


For the love of our rainbow nation as most would say that you can take a person out of Mzansi but you can’t take Mzansi out of them. As we gathered with other South Africans on Heritage Day, which was celebrated at the South African Embassy in Oslo (Norway). Being blessed by the music of Odrie who is one of  South African singers also PULSE south participants warmed the guests and ambassador with South African traditional songs. We are also grateful to our Toneheim Principal Jon Krognes for celebrating together with us.


As we have been hearing tales about the famous Prestegården (The priest’s house). None of us has dared to go to the house yet but hopefully before the end of the course one would have the courage to go into Prestegården. The tales of the Priest’s wife Anna are believed to be myths and others actually believe that the spirit of Anna still lives till this day down in the basement. Prestegården is situated on the right hand  side of Toneheim and it has been used to accommodate students over the years but this year it is used as office for facilitators.


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