PULSE teaching kids in Oslo how to groove the South African way


Samspill concert in Lillestrøm

During the month of October we had a great time of sharing South African dance, culture and music with 120 students from different schools in Oslo. This was an exciting time for the students. Firstly some of them were thinking dancing is difficult but after some practice with them, they started to be excited and wanting to do more. We taught them a medley of Xhosa and Tswana songs. The band became stronger and it was a great team building exercise were we took them out  of their comfort zone by trying a different musical culture.

PULSE kjører igangPULSE Dans Danser P1110115    

Barnas Verdensdager – Childrens World Days

Every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the Month of October Pulse collaborated with Tøyen and Hasle skolekorps to prepare a Performance together that we had to show other kids. But it was not only about music, we were also playing South African games such as “There’s a fire on the mountain and we also tried it in Norwegian “Det er brann pa fjellet”. It was a great experience for us to teach and perform. We might come from different countries or speak different languages, but through music and dance it is possible to connect and have fun without understanding each other’s languages.


Written by: Thulani Maluleka
Pictures by: Mads and Stella

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