Stronger Together through Challenge

IMG_1570On November 21 PULSE team 2 celebrated growing stronger through challenge with a parade and concert in Hammanskraal with Hammanskraal Field Band.

Stronger Together – The Challenge has been the main focus of team 2 (Ingvill and Idun) for the bigger part of the fall 2015. In this project we have worked closely with the staff of Hammanskraal Field Band, to come up with ways to deal with health and inclusive issues through music making.

We have met with the tutors on several occasions and observed as they have tackled how to raise self-esteem and promote teamwork though the musical activities. The members have done improvisation, had to come up with their own songs in groups, and they have had to conduct and lead each other both in their section and in full band. In addition they have reflected on their own situation in the band as well as in society, and been challenged on their hopes for the future.

The project culminated in a parade and concert in Hammanskraal on November 21. Here we were witnessing self-esteem, teamwork as well as many other aspects of young confident members. We witnessed it in both the regular Field Band, but also in their sections, as well as new formed groups. We got to hear Mavolovolo (of course), but also hip hop, gum boot dance and improvisational music and dance. It was a big celebration of how music can make wonders for your well being and health, and how a challenge will make you Stronger Together.

We want to thank the staff; Thulani, Peter, Chief, Bongani, Ayanda and George, as well as all the members in Hammanskraal Field Band. They have been an inspiration to work with and we are very grateful for all they have taught us and contributed with in this project!



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