From A Hot And Sunny Christmas Holiday To A Cold And Icy Adventurous 2016.

Another year has yet begin to end and team Toneheim came back to layers of snow as they went home for Christmas, South Africa. The moment the aircraft started to reach the ground all we could see is how white Norway has turned to be, with all houses, trees and of course the roads where covered with snow. What a great feeling to come back to.


One of the greatest thing about being in Norway is the culture its self, so as we know South African can dance but can’t ski and Norwegians can ski but they can’t dance. In Toneheim we get to exchange or explore the two different cultures amongst ourselves, so we took a challenge to go out and ski on the snow!! We all fell a couple of times but we kept on moving just to get the feeling that they experience when they go skiing. “It was a great experience” we will be doing more of skiing!!


In the past week our Chairman and CEO Dr. Herman Mashaba and Ms. Nicky du Plessis granted us a visit in Oslo, Norway as all of us where invited to an event by Scatec Solar and the Pulse team got a chance to perform for all the honorable guests.IMG-20160130-WA0010IMG-20160130-WA0011

During their visit in Oslo they got a treat to visit some of the bands that the South Participants works with. One the band was Lakkegata Skole korps that Mongezi works with, and the other band was Huseby Skole korps that Godfrey works with.


Written by: Team Toneheim



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