PULSE in Northern Cape

The 26th of January was an exciting day for PULSE. It was the day PULSE participants Idun, Lisa and Ingvill moved to Kimberley to start implementing PULSE’s work into Northern Cape.

In Northern Cape there are 7 active field bands and these are located in Kimberley, Kuruman, Kathu, Postmasburg, Danielskuil, Petrusville, Phillipstown and Hanover.

The PULSE team is now located in Kimberley and a goal is to visit all these bands within a short period of time.

We have already experienced that Northern Cape has some big distances, and we, the participants, are already getting used to spending a lot of our time in the car.

The PULSE work has started with 2-tutor session in Phillipstown with the staff in Hanover field band and Petrusville/Phillipstown field band, and we have gotten to know each other as well as the tutors have been introduced to Gira.

The work will continue with several more sessions in these bands, as well as developing new creative material that are linked to music and health.

Kimberley and Northern Cape is so far very interesting and we are very much looking forward to the continuation!



Ingvill and Gira with the tutors from Hanover and Petrusville/Phillipstown field band.


Gira with the tutors from Hanover and Petrusville/Phillipstown field band.


Idun and Gira.

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