The Adventures of VinterPULSE

As we know how much children love holidays more especially holidays which are filled with adventure like Vinter PULSE. South participants, former PULSE participants Siri, Anne, Aleksander together with inclusion agent Katja from NMF and Røst (Regionkorps Øst) teamed up in putting together the most memorable winter break for the 35 students from various skolekorps in Norway.


At the beginning students were more in their comfort zone as they didn’t know how much fun and learning we packed for them, the PULSE and Røst team warming up the students with a wonderful performance and opening of the project as they played and danced to show case what the students will be learning that week. The week was not only about playing music and dancing it was about having fun while you learn, starting with a well-known PULSE famous game “Det er en brann på fjellet’ which was one of the energizing games that students enjoyed.

In between breaks we would engage with the students and that moment the child in you would come out. “Sheriff” was also one of the games that the students enjoyed, a day wouldn’t pass without having the Sheriff game played more than once. Teaching had been fun and exciting as both the PULSE and Røst teams had been working together in sectionals as well as in the breaks to make sure all students were having fun and productively learning as much as they can.

As we know we cannot survive a full day without a meal, we had two wonderful ladies that were preparing the meal of the day for all of us. We were well taken care of by our two lady chefs’ #God mat…… cheese. There was also a selfie wall to capture all the moments.

After all the hard work and playing one could use some relaxation time, Aleks was the key master of relaxation as he held a session whereby the students would have some restful moments. Students were introduced to a very good friend of ours Gira. Many of them shared what they love about skolekorps and many were fans of Gira.

Written by: PULSE South Participants. Photo credit: Siri Thorson

(You can also read an article written for NMF about VinterPULSE here: Minner for livet med VinterPULSE)

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