South Africa- a winter wonderland

PULSE is an FK exchange program between The Norwegian Band Federation and Field Band Foundation, South Africa. In addition to work and transfer of knowledge, an important part of being on an exchange is to get to know and explore a new country!

A few weeks ago the PULSE team worked day and night during our PULSE national workshop. The previous week we were all able to take some time off and enjoy some of the beautiful places and great things South Africa has to offer. It is winter time in South Africa now, but the sun is still shining!  This is some of the activities you can do during a long weekend in the variated and beautiful country.

Enjoy big city life and vibe in Johannesburg


Take a walk on the beach in Durban


Hike up the Table Mountain in Cape Town


Take a road trip from Cape Town to Cape Point – the most South-Western point on the african continent.


Go on a safari


Visit the “big hole” in the diamond city – Kimberly


Enjoy the beatiful scenery and nature in the Drakensberg mountains.


Visit a Zulu cultural village and get some insight in the Zulu culture


… and so on, and so on:) There is so much to do and so much to see in South Africa. A holiday here is strongly recommended. The whole PULSE team will be more than happy to give you some traveling tips if needed:)

Written by: Siri Thorson

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