Spreading the PULSE material!

The PULSE program –The Challenge is growing! The program is now being conducted in Kimberly and in Blouberg field band. Topics such as motivation, mastering, peer pressure, physical health and time management has been worked with in the two bands so far.


Stella at a planning meeting with the tutors in Kimberly. 

“Everything that was planned was implemented. Everyone was clear and understood the topic of the week and why it was important to work with”, says Stella. She is now facilitating The Challenge in Kimberly. Stella recently got back to South Africa after a year  as a PULSE participant in Norway. Now she shares a lot of the knowledge she gained through her exchange year with her colleagues in the Field Band Foundation (FBF). Both Stella and her PULSE colleague, Godfrey, enjoy being back in the FBF and have positive experiences with their latest work task back home  – facilitating The Challenge.


Godfrey at a The Challenge rehearsal.

“At the end of an activity that we did everyone was filled with smiles and a very positive energy”( Godfrey, facilitating The Challenge in Blouberg field band).

When facilitating The Challenge Godfrey and Stella use The Challenge facilitator guide. The guide is only one of several guides developed by PULSE. PULSE has also written a Music and Health, a Disability Awareness and Inclusive Teaching and a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion guide. All the Gira material – the activities and information concerning the popular PULSE mascot, is also gathered and accessible in a guide. The guides are now available and ready to be used by Field Band Foundation and the Norwegian Band Federation.


Tutor team and PULSE representatives at a The Challenge rehearsal in Blouberg.

A lot of the material from the PULSE guides were used at our recent PULSE National workshop. The content was very well received by the workshop participants. One of the tutors at the workshop has been in the FBF for more than 15 years. During the workshop he said: “As tutors and role models we need to put people first, and the music second”. As a project that aims to give FBF tutors the necessary knowledge about how musical activities can be a tool for health promotion and social inclusion , PULSE is happy to hear that kind of thoughts from FBF tutors.

Written by: Siri Thorson


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