National Tutors Workshop

The last week has been spent at the National Tutors Workshop (NTWS) in Parys, Free State. Field Band Education and PULSE are hosting the workshop and providing training in leadership-, teaching- and life-skills in addition to arts training. More than 50 tutors from all over South Africa have spent the last few days hard at work, and the enthusiasm and dedication is truly inspiring.

In January PULSE and FBE launched our Peer Educator Pilot Programme. ( The Peer Educators have been co-facilitating sessions for both “Gira – building resilience in members” and “Gender Equality & Social Inclusion”, and have done very well in these tasks. The story of Gira resonated with many of the tutors and they were reminded that as a field band tutor, you have the chance of making an impact on members lives. By being positive role-models and providing a sense of belonging, safety and support, the tutors of the Field Band Foundation builds resilience and are a source of emotional and social development in their members. All tutors were tasked with taking the story of Gira and some related activities back to their bands, and in the next few weeks the tutors will make sure that what they have learned will benefit their members as well.

PULSE and the Peer Educator also facilitated sessions on ”Gender Equality & Social Inclusion”. Here we examined both our own and societies attitudes, and the roles we are given according to our sex. The Peer Educators facilitated for reflection and lively discussions. Finally we explored how we as tutors can be change agents for greater gender equality and inclusion in our bands, and we brainstormed different solutions to some of the challenges we experience.

PULSE would like to thank all tutors and Peer Educators for their dedication, hard work, enthusiasm and open-mindedness. Good luck in your bands, and remember this is just the start. Let’s make Field Band Foundation’s 20th year the greatest one yet!



Written by/Pictures by: Emely Ruth Waet

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