Peer Educator Training Continues

It has only been a few weeks since the last time the Peer Educators (PE) gathered, but we are already picking up where we left of. The last training period was to prepare for and to conduct the National Tutors Workshop. This time we start preparing for the upcoming Educational Band Visits that are happening throughout the coming year. The Peer Educator Programme is developed and operated in collaboration with Field Band Education, and the Peer Educators are given training in several topics during the three days we are gathered. The topics covered in this training session includes practical music theory, conducting and facilitation skills. The main PULSE theme we are covering is “Disability Awareness and Inclusive Teaching”.

One of the main goals the PULSE project in South Africa is working towards is to give the tutors of the Field Band Foundation (FBF) the tools they need to successfully include members living with disabilities. A lot of good work is already being done throughout the bands, and we will add on this when we visit bands during the Educational Band Visits. Our Peer Educators will join us for these visits and the last few days have been spent giving the PE’s an overview of the “Disability Awareness and Inclusive Teaching” guide. We have presented relevant knowledge about different types of disabilities, and we have talked about barriers that might prevent successful inclusion in society. By giving information, and through relevant activities we aim to make the participants aware of how it might feel to be in the shoes of a person living with disabilities, and to apply critical thinking when facing myths and beliefs about different disabilities. Through this our Peer Educators can truly be role models and change agents for a more inclusive Field Band Foundation.


The PULSE and FBE surprised the Peer Educators with a small Gira figure for each. The figure is to be a tool for the PE’s to use when they themselves facilitate Gira workshops and talk about key topics like safety, belonging and resilience. The growing flock of Giras also represents how the PULSE content reaches further into the bands through the help of the Peer Educator. The Peer Educators and their Giras are key in making sure the PULSE content is implemented throughout the organisation. In addition to the Gira figure the Peer Educator were given a small poem that tells some of the main themes of the “Story of Gira”, and with that; some of the most important goals we work towards in the PULSE project.


There first was just one

who couldn’t lift her head.

She bent her neck

and kept it down instead.

But the story spread,

so the family grew.

We once had just one,

but now we have two!


She is a reminder

of something in us.

We use her to talk,

to listen and discuss.

She needs to feel safe,

like all of us do.

She needs meaning, support

and self-esteem too.


Her story is one

of many we know,

where challenges come

and tough times make you grow.

For each day that passes,

she grows taller than before.

She started out quite bent,

but she’s rising more and more.


There is a little piece

of her in us all.

We all can be down

and we all can stand tall.


It’s time for you now

to each get your own.

Look around the corner,

– don’t leave us here alone!


Take good care of us,

because we need to belong.

Let us master note by note

and we’ll each give you a song!


By: Solvor Vermeer



Written by/Pictures by: Emely Ruth Waet

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