Implementation of PULSE strategies and teaching material.

During the National Tutor Workshop in February, all tutors that attended were tasked with taking the story of Gira and other music and health related activities back to their bands. In the following weeks, the tutors representing most of the various field bands would make sure that what they have learned would benefit their members as well.


Members doing an activity to raise learn about how powerful body language can be, and how people can show emotions differently.

The Gira material developed by PULSE relates to the core values mastery, belonging and resilience. It aims to provide band staff with competence and activities in regards to providing a safe and supportive field band environment where members can experience mastery and belonging, and through that increased self-esteem and resilience.

We have received written reports from almost all the bands and as such they are documented to be able to implement PULSE strategies and teaching material in their local band without PULSE participants present after the national tutor workshop.


Tutors telling the story of Gira to their members through role playing.

Unfortunately, a few bands have not been able to implement the material due to either being closed, or the tutors that was in that band at the time of the workshop have been relocated to another band shortly after the workshop.

Changes and relocation of staff and the occasional closing of a band is a challenge we are well aware of, so we are also continuously working on implementing the PULSE material in as many bands possible through educational band visits, e-learning sessions and through other PULSE initiatives.


Implementation of PULSE strategies and teaching material.

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