PULSE teaching methods: Read the colour

At the National Workshop in July, PULSE had a full day to facilitate sessions on Disability Awareness and Inclusive Teaching, as well as music and health, to the Project Officers (PO), Social Officers (SO), Band Coordinators (BC) and some tutors.

At the very last session of the workshop, all who attended were given tasks to start implementing some of the knowledge they have learned for their members. The way they were to do this was by facilitating various activities from the PULSE guides.


In addition to facilitating cases with social inclusion as the topic, they were to facilitate activities where the goal is that the members will get an understanding of how it might feel living with a disability like dyslexia.

Skjermbilde 2017-08-23 kl. 13.23.55

The activity “Read the colour”

After facilitating this activity, PULSE have gotten back many reports from the bands. We can read from these that many members are starting to have a better understanding that each persons brain work differently. Some are even able to start relating this to different types of learners! By facilitating activities like  “Read the colour”, the members get to learn more about topics like disability awareness through fun games and competitions.


Members doing the activity “Read the colour”

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