Molde SummerPULSE 2017

Norges Musikkorps Forbund(NMF), FK Norway (FK), Kavlifondet, Norge musikkråd together with PULSE has again held a exciting, successful music and health SummePULSE seminar first ever in Molde from the 14th to 18th of August 2017.

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There has been VinterPULSE that started in Oslo 2015 with only 25 members participating from various different schools and bands around the city. In the year 2017 Bergen also had the seminar for the first time with lot of positive outcomes.

Molde had its very first time SummerPULSE project this year, the target group for participants was an involvement of band members and children who are not involved in banding activity. 35 members were introduced on the activity library from the first day. PULSE always introduces games and team building activities on the first day reason being, because we believe it warms up the conversations amongst the participants, brings out the positive learning environment in sessions, brings back the focus and it ensures that participants enjoy. PULSE had different activities scheduled for a daily programme.

When participants don’t know each other activities like ice breakers helps them to relax and be able to introduce their self to each other. therefore PULSE team started with an activity Meet and Greet this game is were the participants go around and meet different members and introduce theirselves, the food they like, instrument they play and where they from.


Molde SummerPULSE had members from the age group of 5-14 years. This time there was singing, playing of instrument, PBuzz and a lot of energetic energisers.

The first song that was introduced on the first day was Ubuhle Bendoda which is a South African song taken from the Field Band Foundation (FBF) the song consist of;

•Playing while dancing which is a typical Field Band Foundation (FBF) style.

•Drum break.

•Every musician dance for a drum break.


It took the whole day for PULSE to teach and implement the song with lot of challenges from percussion/drums.

•Playing of instrument for the first time

The challenge was for percussion/drums most of the participants have never been introduced into banding activity or play any instrument before as it was their first time playing drums.

•Language Barriers

The language was very hard for them since there were very young and Thulani Dupa tried to speak Norwegian but mostly English which became more difficult for them to understand since there were at the age of 5-11 years.

•Watching the conduct

For them it was difficult to play and watch a conduct at the same time. Most of the time they will focus on playing rather than watching a conduct. It was difficult for them because they are not used to a banding set up, paying attention and focusing only on one thing for more than 30 minutes.

•Use of sticks

It was difficult for them to handle sticks properly as it was their first day which took time for them to even play the drums. One of the PULSE goal is to attract members coming from different backgrounds to introduce them into banding activity and share a practical knowledge about how music can be used as a tool for health promotion and social inclusion in various societies. That is why even if we face many challenges from our different sections we always make the participants feel comfortable in our session by motivating them, guide them, create a positive space by using ice breakers or games when we see their are losing focus.


It was time also to introduce new exciting songs which were;


•I like it I like it.

•P-buzz playing Stamp and Spania.

•Singing group which was led by Odd Erick

The songs went very well in different sections with lot of improvement more especially from percussion where we saw members started to listen. The PULSE team and peer-educators came up with strategies to assist Thulani Dupa on percussion by;

• Having more people from PULSE and peer-educators to help Thulani Dupa on teaching and keep the members together.

•Assisting in teaching new members how to hold sticks.

•Odd Erick helped Thulani Dupa in terms of translating to the members.

P-buzz was introduced also to members who have never been into banding activity, which was led by Odd Erick and Thulani Maluleka. It took them 2 days to finally come up with energetic songs called Stamp and Spania. The audience fell in love with the songs and the member’s response was, they really had fun playing p-buzz even though it was their first time.

This time Praktikans/Peer-educators were Mathea Eiken Faksen (Euphonuim), Erlend Lindvåg Solemdal (Trombone) and Kristine Davik( Euphonium). They played a very important role in assisting PULSE team by translating, assisting in sectionals, taking care of the participants in the breaks by looking after them, doing warm up for musicians and serving food for different meals.


The PULSE teaching material contains content on inclusive and making participants feel safe in their learning environment, mastering something new, building self confident or belief, finding positive meaning in life also improve socially finding new friends.

The whole team prepared for a concert that took place last Friday 18th of August 2017. The feeling was overwhelming and joyful to see smiles and looking forward to showcase what they have done to their parents. After a very fun week full of happiness and challenges but at the end it was worth it. The members worked hard in learning the music, dance, singing. Mostly for the members who were exposed to banding activity for the first time. We saw a lot of changes coming from the participants through out the seminar one of the things were highlighted was a:

*Sense of  belonging.

*Safe learning environment.

*Learning a new skill and mastering it.


This seminar has been an interesting experience and a learning curve for both facilitators and participants and everyone who was involved in the success of this project.Our experience made a huge impact into the success of SummerPULSE project and it was PULSE last big project for the year 2017.We will also to thank people who also played a major role in organizing and leading the project it was not easy but worth it:


Silvelin Havnevik (NMF) Elin Kathrine Simensen Ingunn Hagen  Ragnhild S. Nordberg (former BCB participant) Thulani Maluleka (former PULSE participants) Xoliswa Roaldsoy Praktikant/Peer Educators

Written by: Sihle Mabena and Sizwe Nkosi.

Pictures: SummerPULSE staff.


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