Thanks to the old PULSE team and welcome to the new team!

September is an exciting month in PULSE as this is the month where we change teams. The transfer of knowledge between the teams are taken seriously in PULSE and it happens in three phases; First the new group of participants get together in their respective countries for three days. Then all participants from the last round of exchange (round 4) and the coming round (round 5) meets for a whole week in Johannesburg and lastly we participate in a one week training program offered by FK Norway (Fredskorpset) also in Johannesburg.


The practical exchange of knowledge between the teams was very interesting in such a way that every participant had a chance to share his or her ideas and as well as the expectations of the hosting organizations, which is Field Band Foundation and Norwegian Band Federation (NMF). We owe a great thank you to the old team for transferring all their knowledge and experiences to us. As agents of change, we take the torch from the previous participants and light the way to strive toward the project’s goals.


PULSE in Norway will keep assisting NMF in creating a learning environment that makes all members feel a sense of mastery, belonging and well-being in the band. We also aim to make more people recognize and acknowledge the positive health benefits of being involved in a band, either it is as musicians or as parents and leaders.


The South participants in Norway

Our primary target groups for inclusion are communities with high percentage of children with linguistic minority backgrounds and children living in families that have low-incomes. If you continue to follow us in this blog you will read more about the preparations and effects of projects like Samspill, Barnas Verdesdager, Korpsklubb og FeriePULSE.


The North Participants in South-Africa

The PULSE in South Africa will continue training staff within the Field Band Foundation by facilitating the materials, which PULSE has developed the past years. They will be doing educational band visits, with Field band education and peer educators.Working together as the PULSE team is one of our best strengths because if we work together we’ll be able to achieve the our goals simultaneously.

PULSE partipants of round 5 are:

Denis Mashabane (SA)                           Marie Rotevatn (NO)

Adrian Mackay (SA)                               Karen Bårdsen (NO)

Chief Zwane (SA)                                    Hanna Bakke Negård (NO)

Masibulele Langa (SA)                          Sofie Hjertvik (NO)

Written by: PULSE Team

Photos by: Emely Ruth Waet


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