Continuing the Work on Disability Awareness

Together with Field Band Education (FBE), PULSE4 started ”Educational Band Visits” (EBV). The purpose of EBV is to educate field band staff in Education and PULSE content, which further will be implemented in the band members by the staff.

Pictures from the Educational Band Visit in Setlabotjha

PULSE has over the years developed a lot of teaching material, which have resulted in different guides: the “Gira guide”, the “Music an Health” guide , the “Disability Awareness” guide and the “Gender Equality and Social Inclusion” guide. Two main focuses for PULSE on these educational band visits have been the correlation between music and health and disability awareness. The content of the band visits are described very well in a previous blog post about  Educational Band Visits.

Pictures from EBV in Thabazimbi

A good way to work on the content that we facilitate on EBV is to do activities. Here is an example of a good activity that makes the staff reflect on what is possible when living with different disabilities. The activity is called “If I were living with a disability”:


PULSE is also in the process of developing a “Knowledge and Skill Assessment” for the EBV as a way of “monitoring and evaluation” (M&E). M&E is an area of focus in the whole FBF. This system was developed with the aim to improve reporting processes and the generation of evidence of Field Band Foundation´s achievements and lessons learned. The “Knowledge and Skill Assessment” was first tried out at the band visits to Setlabotjha and Thabazimbi. The aim with this assessment is to get an idea of the staff’s knowledge about the content that is going to be covered during the workshop before and after the EBV. On the post assessment we ask the same questions as in the pre assessment to see how much they have actually learned and understood during the week. This information will be helpful when planning further band visits, to know how we can improve our facilitation and how to move forward.


Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård and Marie Rotevatn

Pictures by: Hanna Bakke Negård and Marie Rotevatn

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