Exciting Week Ahead

2017 is moving towards an end, but there is still a lot for PULSE to be a part of before the Christmas holiday is upon us. As the time goes by, the PULSE project keeps on moving forward, and new work tasks and projects are developing. The last few weeks have contained of office work with upcoming events and planning ahead. In this blog post you will be introduced to the upcoming events for next week.

The Peer Educatorspeer

Tuesday 28 November, the participants from the Peer Educator Pilot Programme will have their panel assessment and a celebration dinner afterwards. Each peer educator has one hour to give a presentation where the main focus will be on one specific topic from the content of their own choosing and reflect on their own development. The last part of the assessment will be questions asked by the panel assessors. The panel will consist of both internal and external assessors. PULSE will be a part of the panel assessments as representatives for the peer educators, and also preparations and arrangements for the event beforehand. PULSE wishes the peer educators good luck, and are really looking forward for their presentations on Tuesday.


Working with previous PULSE-participants 

PULSE (NP5) has together with the PULSE team that went to Norway last year (SP4) been planning a workshop that will take place in Plettenberg Bay the first weekend of December. The workshop is called Holiday PULSE and is influenced by the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF) and PULSE’s “FeriePULSE” (or VinterPULSE/ SommerPULSE)  in Norway. You will read more about this in NP5’s next blog post.

This is the poster for the final event on the Holiday Pulse:



Written by Hanna Bakke Negård and Sofie Hjertvik

Picture/ poster by: Emely Ruth Waet and Sizwe Nkosi



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