Holiday PULSE in Plettenberg Bay

Have you ever thought about the benefits a child can get by doing music?

By togetherness in music, mastering and inclusion, you can create self-confident and happy human beings. Some of the benefits the child can receive from music training can be to develop a sense of responsibility as the child will practice healthy work habits of being on time for rehearsals and performances, and acknowledging their role in the band. When a child has a part to perform in a music ensemble or dance production, they also begin to understand that their contribution is necessary for the success of the group. Through these kinds of experiences, children gain confidence and start to learn that their contributions and presence have value. Above all, enjoyment and a life-long appreciation of music and fun activities will strengthen the children´s self-esteem.


PULSE (np5 and sp4) together with sponsors, Plettenberg FB staff and Eva.

The first weekend of December, PULSE travelled to Plettenberg Bay and had a three-day workshop that was called “Holiday PULSE”. On this workshop PULSE5, north participants (NP) together with returning PULSE4 south participants (SP) facilitated music, dance and activities to members together with the band staff. As mentioned in the blog post from 24 November, “Holiday PULSE” is based on a model developed in Norway with the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF) called “FeriePULSE”.

Holiday PULSE gave the region an extra activity (in addition to ordinary Field Band rehearsals) that was used to help to motivate the band and everyone else involved in the band. That means parents, members, neighbours, community and regional team. The workshop included band members from different schools in the district, which gave them a good arena to make new friends with the same interests. This is a good tool to strengthen their social health. The kids that attended the workshop really seemed to enjoy all the extraordinary activities and the challenges in learning and mastering the new music introduced to them. The workshop ended with a final event that included a parade and a concert where they presented the new music they had learned in addition to music they already knew. Sections also performed music they had rehearsed themselves. By contributing to a final event like this, the kids can get a stronger mental discipline through respecting the contributions of others and putting effort into the success of the final product.


PULSE has not before visited Plettenberg Bay, therefore it was important and a good thing that this project was executed there. In addition to music and dance related activities there was also extra focus on HIV and Aids, and PULSE taught the members about resilience by introducing them to Gira.

Holiday PULSE in Plettenberg Bay was a pilot project and the project can be used as a fun camp or as an extra activity for field bands across South Africa.


Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Photos by: Eva Bortne + PULSE team

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