It’s All Happening in Free State

The upcoming weeks, week 7 – 9, there are a lot of exciting things happening in Free State. Not only will the Super Heroes Workshop take place in Parys, Viljoenskroon and Kroonstad, but at the same time all Project officers (PO), Band coordinators (BC) and Social officers (SO) in the foundation will attend the Lubner Leadership Seminar in Parys.


Super Heroes Workshop and the Amazing Race

Each of the Free State band staff will get a one-week workshop called Super Heroes. PULSE and Field Band Education will facilitate this workshop and a special focus will be on disability awareness.

The week will be wrapped up with a spectacular day named The Amazing Race, which will take place on the Friday. The Amazing Race will be filled with fun games and activities for the members and invited stakeholder. The focus will lie on inclusion, teamwork, mastering, motivation, supporting each other, and building social relations and friendships. All the games and activities are developed to fit all participants, regardless of living with a disability, or not, and at the end of the day all the participants will be winners.

Timetable Super Heroes 2018

Here you can see how the Super Heroes workshop will look like


Lubner Leadership Seminar

The same weeks as the Super Heroes workshops are taking place, all the POs, BCs and SOs in the foundation will be gathered in Parys for the Lubner Leadership Seminar. They will be divided into groups, and for three weeks Mimosa Gardens in Parys will be all about personal and organisational branding, monitoring and evaluation, information regarding Education and PULSE activities in 2018, stakeholder engagement and communication, social media, branding and other general operation topics. At the end of each week of the Lubner Leadership Seminar all the attendees will join the Free State teams for The Amazing Race.

PULSE will as soon as the events have taken place share more about the Super Hero workshops, The Amazing Race and the Lubner Leadership Seminar on the blog. Stay tuned for more Free State fun! PULSE would like to thank The Field Band Foundation’s funding partners to make these opportunities possible. We are excited to take part in all the fun activities in Free State over the next few weeks!


Written by: Marie Rotevatn and Lisa Laila Gontarek

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