Super Heroes and Amazing Race

There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” – Superman

The focus on children and the work with lifeskills through the medium of music and dance is what the Field Band Foundation is all about. It is a pleasure for PULSE to be a part of such an organisation and to get to meet all the talented tutors and band members across South Africa. The tutor teams do a lot for their community and they are working to upskill empowered, healthy, and self-confident youth who are able to contribute to a vibrant society. You can call them “Super Heroes”, and that is exactly why the workshops in Parys, Viljoenskroon and Kroonstad have gotten this name. These bands have throughout the past three years had extra focus on disability awareness and inclusive teaching. They are called “Inclusive Bands”, and every child that wants to join can join regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

PULSE is now in the middle of three weeks of Super Heroes Workshops. The workshops last 5 days, and during these days the tutor teams gain knowledge on disability awareness, HIV/Aids, and material from Field Band Education, and each day they get a task to implement in the rehearsals. A part of the workshop is for the tutors to plan and execute “The Amazing Race”. The focus for “The Amazing Race” is inclusiveness and to have a fun and exciting day for the members, family members and caregivers. It will provide a strong acknowledgement to all members that they are super heroes in their own way regardless of their abilities. At the end of the day all participants of the “The Amazing Race” receive a medal.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Lubner Leadership Seminar is also taking place in Parys during the same weeks, so for “The Amazing Race” all the attendees at the seminar also help out during the community event.

Last week the “Super Heroes” workshop took place in Parys, and this week it is happening in Viljoenskroon. The last and final workshop will be in Kroonstad. It is inspiring and fun to work with the staff members, and PULSE is looking forward to the continuation of the workshops!



Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Photos by: PULSE team

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