Visit to Western Cape

Before the Easter holiday, Lisa and Hanna from PULSE and Nomkhosi and Dineo from FBE facilitated Educational Band Visits in the projects in Western Cape, both in Plettenberg Bay and Stellenbosch (Cape Town). Throughout the years, Western Cape has previously not been a focus area for PULSE, that’s why it was important to visit these areas now. The first and only time PULSE visited this region was in December with the project “Holiday PULSE” that took place in Plettenberg Bay.


The visit before Easter was the beginning of “round 2” of Educational Band Visit. An Educational Band Visit is a four-day workshop where PULSE and FBE facilitate some of their curriculum, and PULSEs focus area is Disability Awareness. You can read more about educational band visits here. The improvements for this round is that the content is a bit different from the first round, but the main focus from PULSE is still Disability Awareness, but also with a focus on HIV / Aids and lifeskills. Another improvement is that PULSE and FBE give the teams an implementation task every day, which they need to conduct during the rehearsal.

Here are some pictures from the Educational Band Visit Plettenberg Bay:


Here are some pictures from the Educational Band Visit in Stellenbosch:

Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Pictures by: Lisa Laila Gontarek and Hanna Bakke Negård

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