The Tallest Structure

People are different, and everyone gains knowledge in different ways. That is why PULSE is trying to accommodate everyone when teaching. Besides from presenting and engaging the learners in various discussions, PULSE also uses practical methods when working on different topics.

On the Educational Band Visits, PULSE uses different activities that have been developed in the project throughout the years. One of these activities will be presented to you in this week’s blog post, and it is an activity PULSE uses when teaching about the topic Disability Awareness & Inclusive Teaching.

The activity is called “The Tallest Structure”, you can read it here:

The tallest structure

This activity makes the learners reflect on how their life might be if they were living with a disability, and then again reflect on the barriers people living with disabilities may encounter in their everyday life. The feedback from the learners participating in the activity is positive, and the activity is also helping them to achieve a sense of teamwork, since they have to work together in a different way than they are used to. Often when doing this activity PULSE has witnessed that the learners usually focus on what every single person can contribute with in the group, regardless of their “disability”.


Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård and Lisa Laila Gontarek

Pictures by: PULSE team

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