Opera House Performance.

On the 29 April 2018, PULSE Norway took part in a huge event in Oslo. The performance included participants who were attending VinterPULSE in Oslo. Most members who attendended this event were from skolekorps around Oslo that have been working closely with PULSE, such as Furuset Skoles Musikkorps and Grunerløkka juniorkorps.


The PULSE team has been preparing the performance during VinterPULSE, which simply means that performance was ready for the stage a long time ago. The participants were very exhilarated, they gave a positive run through during the dress rehearsal. The participants performed an outstanding show right after a verbalization rendered by Norges Musikkorps Forbund President Rita Hirsum Lystad. This is one of the highest profiled events that PULSE has ever taken place in. There were performers like the prominent trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen, and The Crown Prince of Norway, the Crown Prince Håkon was in the audience.


PULSE would like to give credit to everyone who made this possible, especially parents who trusted us with their children. PULSE is looking forward to keep support and relationship stronger and stronger on our daily basis, because we are stronger together.


Written by: Denis Mashabane and Masibulele Langa

Potos by: katja Furnes and Ingrid Thorstensen


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