A Different Job Opportunity

Do you want to do something exciting and new? Do you want to live in another country and experience a brand new culture? Do you want to work with and meet a lot of new and interesting people? Do you want a job that is varied and fun?


Field Band Foundation (FBF) and Norges Musikkorps Forbund (NMF) together with their founder FK Norway are now searching for new participants to be a part of the team for the next round of PULSE (2018/2019). This will be the third year of the second round of PULSE, meaning it is the 6th year of PULSE all together. PULSE is a one-year exchange programme between Norway and South Africa that focuses on how music and dance activities can be used to promote mental and social well-being and improve the quality of life within the communities. The aim is to become better at including socially excluded and marginalised groups.

South African participants that want to apply for the exchange programme in Norway have to be FBF staff (PO, SO, BC or tutors). An information e-mail with details on the call for application is sent out to your Project Officers, and you can get all the information needed from them. The deadline for sending in an application is Monday 14 May.


The South African participants PULSE 2017/2018 in Norway. From left: Masibulele Langa, Chief Zwane, Denis Ma-Nicetro Mashabane and Adrian Mackay.

Are you a Norwegian citizen and want to apply for PULSE? Please follow this link: https://musikkorps.no/oppdrag-sorafrika/ The deadline for applying is Tuesday 22 May.


Norwegian PULSE participants in South Africa 2017/2018. From left: Sofie Hjertvik, Lisa Laila Gontarek, Marie Rotevatn, Hanna Bakke Negård.

If you have any questions, please contact PULSE on pulsestrongertogether@gmail.com during working hours (08.00-16.00).

Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Pictures by: The PULSE teams and Eva Bortne

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