Norwegian Constitution Day

It was a great honour for the PULSE south participants to be part of the biggest celebration in Norway, the Norwegian constitution day. To participate in this day, and to be a part of the marching bands that takes place on the 17th of May has become a tradition for the PULSE exchange participants in Norway. The 17th of May celebration is one of the popular highlight for most of our former participant, reported by one of the former participants Thulani Maluleka. Congratulation to both team Bergen and team Oslo by taking initiative to be part of the parades in both cities.

IMG_20180517_150753 (1).jpg

It was really exciting to see Furuset Skolekorps and PULSE team Oslo on National TV (NRK), playing South African music with great energy and movements while passing the Norwegian Royal House (Kongehuset) at Slottsplassen. Team Bergen had a very productive day with Varden Skolekorps Playing Norwegian traditional marches, and later in the day, they did a very beautiful concert. The balance Between the PULSE teams and the Skolekorps really shows great progress in cultural exchange, and is a tool to bring the nations closer together as team Bergen and Varden Skolekorps played Norwegian traditional march music and team Oslo and Furuset skolekorps played South African music.

Gratulerer med dagen til Norge!


Photos by: Ingvill Starberg

Written by. PULSE Team Oslo

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