Music Collection Project

The PULSE team in Norway is working on a pilot project together with the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF) called the NMF Inclusion Project. This project consists of collecting different old childhood or lullaby music from many different languages and cultures that can be found around Norway. The project is currently running in Oslo and Bergen, and the work consists of traveling around to different places taking recordings of songs from children and parents.


The Leader of the project, Ketil Vestrum Einarsen was really impressed by the collaborative work of collecting the music that PULSE and the have done in the two cities. The team has collected a few songs from different school bands, Korps Klubb and schools. Using different kinds of activities and songs such as Thula Throlmor has really opened up many doors in regards to getting songs from the children. The song Thula Throlmor is basically two lullabies, one from South Africa in the South African language Zulu, and one from Norway in Norwegian combined together as one arrangement by Odd-Erik Nordberg.


The aim of this project is to improve the inclusion in the Norwegian banding activity and give everyone the sense of belonging and mastering. PULSE hopes that bringing this kind of opportunity to the banding activity will make everyone see it as a safe place to send their children regardless of language or culture. Both PULSE, Team Bergen and Team Oslo are very passionate and happy about this project.


Written by: Chief Zwane

Pictures by: PULSE team

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