PULSE in Limpopo

Last week PULSE and Field Band Education (FBE) travelled to Limpopo for an Educational Band Visit. Lisa, Marie and Nomkhosi from Education conducted the band visit in Musina.

Hanna, Dineo (FBE) and Sindi who is one of the Peer Educators conducted an Educational Band Visit in Blouberg. In the previous and upcoming band visits the Peer Educators are getting more responsibility and they are becoming more independent. This is important because the goal of the Peer Educator programme is that the PULSE and FBE curriculum will be sustainable in the Field Band Foundation after the PULSE exchange programme is over. Read more about the Peer Educator Programme in an earlier blog post here.


Film by: Lisa Laila Gontarek

Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Pictures by: Hanna Bakke Negård

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