SommerPULSE in Molde

This week, more than 50 kids attended SommerPULSE in Molde. SommerPULSE is a part of the concept “FeriePULSE” (VacationPULSE), where VinterPULSE is in the winter holiday and SommerPULSE is the summer holiday. You can read more about VinterPULSE 2018 here.

School holidays can be a challenging time for children and parents who for various reasons do not have the opportunity to go on holiday, they fall outside or are excluded from activities which might be too expensive. FeriePULSE, sponsored by Kavlifondet, is free of charge, and designed to give children something fun to do in their vacation. Through this project, the children are exposed to music from different cultures with the PULSE team from South Africa in charge of the whole workshop. FeriePULSE is a concept to provide opportunities and fun activities for all children regardless if they are playing in a school band or not. This is the second year SommerPULSE is conducted in Molde.

Written by: Hanna Bakke Negård

Pictures by: PULSE team Norway

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