Activity Guide

The Activity Guide is a collaboration project with Oslo Sports Circle. The project is a pilot in NMF Øst and will also be tested in NMF Hordaland from August 2018. The Activity Guide will assist children and young people into an organised leisure activity. On 24 August 2018, The Activity Guide was published for the first time in Bergen.

During the launch of the activity guide, four employees from NMF, two PULSE members and seven participants attended. In Oslo, five NMF employees, two PULSE members, three Oslo Sports Circle leaders and 14 participants attended.The PULSE team contributed with the planning of this workshop, and it lasted for two days. The main role for PULSE was to run and test new activities from their activity library because they will use the activities in all their planned workshops and sessions. PULSE will be working hand in hand with this project to take the concept of inclusion to a higher level. We would like to see improvement in numbers of children and youth from linguistic minorities participating in recreational activities. The relationship between PULSE and Oslo Sport Circle will hopefully contribute towards equality regarding this particular group of youth, and this will make them to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Great minds think alike, and the relationship between PULSE and Oslo Sports Circle will create amazing opportunities for linguistic minorities in Norway. We hope this will bring people together and contribute to social inclusion. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this project.

Written by: Denis Mashabane and Masibulele Langa

Photos by: PULSE team and Anne Oksfjellelv

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