Hello from PULSE 6!

Hello from the new North Participants PULSE round 6!

PULSE 6 is going on their third week here in Johannesburg and it has been an exciting and interesting journey so far! The first week was spent doing an important Transfer of Knowledge between PULSE 5 and PULSE 6. PULSE 6 received a great amount of information to be able to successfully carry on the project. THANK YOU PULSE 5! The week finished off with an office braai and PULSE 5 presentations.
Also, the SP PULSE 6 team has now safely arrived in Norway and we wish them an amazing time!
Get to know PULSE 6! 
North Participants PULSE 6: Jakob, Tove, Lise and Madeleine
South Participants PULSE 6: Bongani, Mxolisi, Tshepang and Chief
During the second week, both SP and NP PULSE 5 and 6 went to Indaba Hotel for the FK Norway training course. This course offers an introduction to exchange programs which consists of practical things that are important to know before moving to a new country, adaptation, cultural differences, challenges and health and safety. The course also offers a closing course for people that have just finished their exchange where they present their exchange projects, reflect on how the year was, challenges and differences and future plans. Besides from the course work, it was an amazing experience to get to know people from different countries and to socialize over great food and entertainment!
This week the Head Office and PULSE are busy preparing for the National Championship which takes place on Saturday. Please stay tuned for updates and pictures from this exciting event!
Written by: Madeleine Klouda
Photos   by: Eva Bortne
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