Educational Band Visit to Thabazimbi

How would it make you feel if…..
You had to build a simple structure without being able to see? Without being able to talk? Or without being able to use your fingers?
These are some of the challenges the Tutor Team in Thabazimbi got to experience during their workshop, through activities such as the Tallest Structure.
PULSE 6 had the pleasure of doing their first Educational Band Visit last week, and it was a week filled with music, health, exchange of knowledge and laughs. PULSE 6 has now been continuing the work of PULSE 5 with the focus on the Holistic Aspect of music& dance, as well as Disability Awareness. What FBF and PULSE means by the Holistic Aspect is that music&dance has health benefits, not just for one part of the body but for the body as a whole. Physically, mentally and socially.
Field Band Foundation is doing an amazing job having inclusive bands, meaning that no disability nor gender is a barrier for learning music&dance. Therefore, PULSE is spending a lot of the workshop teaching about Disability Awareness.
Being able to….
  • Create an understanding about disabilities
  • Identify different disabilities
  • Use the correct terminology
  • Properly teach members with disabilities

…will minimize the barriers, misconceptions and myths. Remember, it is the doctor who gives you a diagnosis, however it is you who decides if/how disabled you are. Exclusion  can make a disability feel bigger than it is, so it’s by creating awareness about these topics that the field bands achieve their great diversity.


In addition to the Educational Band Visit, PULSE had the chance to see the beauty of Thabazimbi with all the animals it offered. Seeing Giras every day, to and from work, was a dream come true!

Thank you Thabazimbi!


Written by: Madeleine

Photos by: Madeleine&Lise

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