The Power of Music

On Saturday, PULSE had the pleasure of being invited to the Soweto Field Band Parade! For PULSE it was nice to see the band outside of the official Educational Band Visits and National Championship, to see the great work the band is doing on a daily basis. Seeing the support and excitement from the Soweto community  when the band was playing, shows that Field Band is not only doing something good for their members, but the community as a whole. Investec Black Like Me Soweto Field Band were the winners of the prestigious prize Bertie & Ronnie Lunber National Championships Trophy at the National Championship last month. They showed excellent musicality and technique throughout their band, which reflects on the hard work of the Tutor Team.45156344_367534790656328_614261176087347200_n.jpg

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Field Band Foundation keeps a high standard when it comes to musical development and offers training and courses beyond the lessons during the weekly rehearsals. This is done to ensure that all the tutors keep a high quality when teaching and also for them to develop further as instructors and musicians. One of the trainings offered are the ABRSM courses and exams. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is an examinations board and registered charity based in London, UK, which provides examinations in music at centers around the world. On September 26th, five members from the FBF Tutor Team took their ABRSM Practical exam (playing exam). The exam was taken at the Durban Music School where they were provided with a piano accompanist. The results were amazing and we congratulate you all! 


Anele Bishoti (Dordrecht)           Grade 5           Percussion               Merit

Gontse Motlhabane (Alex)           Grade 3          Trumpet                    Distinction

Pholoso Konopi (Viljoenskroon)  Grade 5         Percussion                Distinction

Jacob Mhlapeng (COJ 2)                Grade 5          Euphonium                Merit

Bennet Nkosi (Alex)                       Grade 8           Tuba                            Pass

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Playing a musical instrument and being a part of a band comes with a lot of benefits. Being a part of a band means that you are a part of a music community where you can build new friendships and develop yourself as a musician and person in a safe environment. Learning an instrument takes time and requires a lot of patience, concentration and discipline. However, if you are dedicated you will quickly achieve mastering, which will make you feel proud, empowered and will raise your self-esteem. The key is to build resilience and never give up! 

Written by: Madeleine

Photos by: Dineo & Madeleine

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