Exciting times ahead!

PULSE is going to be a part of some exciting events in the nearest future!

The FBF has been selected by the Royal Norwegian Embassy to organise an event based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals on 1 December 2018! Alexandra Field Band and Alex Soccer Girls will be attending this event, spending a day learning about the Sustainable Goals, which will be tied closely together with music and soccer.  Not only will we have guest such as ambassadors from Norway, Danmark and Irland, but we will have the pleasure of having the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, joining us!

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are important, and it is vital that everyone around the world gets educated on WHY they are important and WHAT we are trying to reach. By 2030, the UN wants to reach 17 different goals concerning our world. 

These are the 17 Global Goals: 


FBF, in collaboration with several international advocacy groups, will conduct lessons about the Global Goals. The field band members, soccer members, guests and VIP’s will all be a part of this- making it an interactive learning experience where people can also share their thoughts on what WE can do to reach these goals. One person can not do this alone and UN can not do this alone, so it is important that everyone is aware and tries to contribute in their own way. We will only reach these goals, if we all stand together!  

PULSE is extremely happy to be a part of organising such a large and important event, contributing with musical skills, dancing skills, teaching skills and organisational skills. This is truly going to be a big happening, so please stay tuned for more information about this event! 112dc0f0-388a-4706-b918-529b5604a056.jpg

Written by: Madeleine

Photo by: Eva Bortne

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