FeriePULSE 2019 – We Are Ready!

On Saturday 1st of December that was the day all 2019 FeriePULSE Praktikants and Pulse Team came together in Oslo for the FeriePULSE 2019 preparations. The idea of this two-day workshop was to get to know each other, meet the new and old participants from both the praktikant-program and Pulse. Additionally, and most importantly we were going to try out and implement the music, choreography and all the activities that will be done in FeriePULSE with the kids that will be taking part.IMG_1744

To break down the role of a praktikant: he/she is going to assist with the kids in activities, music, choreography and with the goals that Pulse is striving to achieve, and our goal is to have more Children from low-income areas have access to Band Activities and report they find sense of belonging and well-being in a Band.  Also, to motivate the kids and be a good example.

Ragnild S. Nordberg was leading this workshop from the planning, logistics and in running of the program. Odd-Erik Nordberg helped with music arrangement, Beret was helping with the choreography, Thulani and Pulse Team were working together in making sure that this workshop was a success.dav

On Sunday 2nd of December Pulse Team Had a chance to perform their 2018/19 Full Performance for the praktikants just to give them a taste of what this new and fresh group is bringing this time around!

We were fortunate enough to be joined by two South Africans Katlego Maholwane and Penny Mokgobu, who are also a part of Field band Foundation and currently studying in Toneheim Folkhehøyskole. They assisted and participated in everything that was happening in this workshop and they also performed with the Pulse team in Field Band Foundation Style to put some good mood in the room.

The workshop was indeed a success. We achieved all that we wanted to achieve and most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves and when the workshop ended everyone went home knowing what is needed and expected from them to do. I can safely say ‘Yeah FeriePULSE 2019 We Are Ready!’.

Written by : Mxolisi Martin Sibiya

Photos by  : Thulani Maluleka & Mxolisi Martin Sibiya


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