Hell Conference

It is always an honor for our project to be involved in youth and leadership development projects. On the 18th of January 2019, the PULSE team in Norway was invited to the Hell Conference in Trondheim. The Hell conference is one of the biggest annual conferences in Norway which aims to empower band leaders and band members all over the country. The conference was divided into two levels which was youth (band members), and leadership which consist of conductors, teachers and band leaders.It was an inspiration listening to NM F’s peer educators during the youth conference having a very productive discussion with the participants about how we can make a banding environment more inclusive and saferhell 2

The youth came up with very important point; that it is everyone’s responsibility to give each other positive feedback and help when it is needed to uplift the spirit of encouragement and mastering. Mathea Eiken Faksen, one of the peer educators made it very clear that language can be one of the barriers. After playing a survey game called Kahoot that brought awareness to everyone how to cross language barrier. Since one of the PULSE-goals is to make people feel a sense of mastering and safety, we have learned how effective it can be to use peers in terms of bringing awareness to the youth.

The Conference this year was joined by one of the popular Conductors Peter Boon shaft form USA, Bjorn Sagstad from Norway and the motivational speaker Roger Finnager. For the PULSE team it was so refreshing to work with this vibrant youth, as we introduced a South African Zulu named piece called Indida (means confusion) The piece consists of six elements which is dance, singing, percussion, marimba, steel drum and body percussion. Our aim by doing this peace was to give everyone the feeling of achievement since this was new to everyone and they were put outside their comfort zone.  This was  a nice opportunity  to make the  young musicians experience a new instrument and music from other countries.hell 3

the last day of the conference both conferences came together for the last seminar of the week. Byasen Skolemussikkorps opened the seminar with a popular South African wedding song ‘We Bhuti’ by a group called Mafikizolo. What a good variation it was from the previous classes to the last one where all band leaders and members come together to be reminded how important everyone it is in the band. Peter Boon shaft  pointed out that “When you have been given an opportunity to be here it comes with the great responsibility to make your band a better place to be” . This took us back to one of the PULSE methodologies which was adopted from the Field Band:  teach one teach one( correct and teach each other in a polite way) , as it allocates responsibility for everyone to contribute in the creation of a better learning environment and a safe space where everyone will feel a sense of belonging

Written By Chief G Zwane

Photos by PULSE team

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