First Educational Band Visit 2019

PULSE went on their first Educational Band Visit in 2019 last week to Thabazimbi and Springs. It was great to finally try out the new content that PULSE has been developing the past months. In addition, the band visit is a great opportunity for PULSE to see how the staff works together as a team and how their positive dynamics reflect on the members.


PULSE is conducting a Music and Health Focus Group Discussion this year, which gives the staff an opportunity to discuss topics around their role. One major factor that was addressed was being a role model. When PULSE attends the rehearsals, this is exactly what we see; members looking up to the field band staff. The participants from PULSE all come from different teaching backgrounds, and it is a wonderful experience seeing different methods of, not only teaching, but interacting with members. This is something PULSE can learn from and take back to Norway!


One of the important tasks in field band is to build self-esteem in members and teaching values. When building self-esteem and confidence there will be a difference between giving a +2 mark with a smiley face rather than a -18, even though the score will reflect the same result. This is the positive approach PULSE got to witness in Thabazimbi, and this is due to the dedication of the staff to be the best role-models they can be.


PULSE is very excited for the next band visits that are lined up and on Monday we are leaving for Hanover and Petrusville!
Stay Tuned!
Thaba 3.jpg
Written by: Madeleine
Photos by: Madeleine, Lise, Jakob, Denis
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